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This page is about the animal. For the currency please see Delosian Eagles.

Eagles are powerfully built birds of prey with broad wings and cruelly-hooked beaks. They are stronger and sturdier than hawks and falcons both, perhaps commemorated so in the Scimitar of Eagles. There are several known species of the fearsome raptor—from the bald eagles of Pash Valley which Oinodes models his crackers after to the noble giant eagle steeds of Genji and the legendary lightning eagle of the Vasnari Mountains. High fliers, an eagle's eyesight is famously keen, able to spot prey from a very great distance. The magical Eagle's Wings artefact allows adventurers to ascend to the clouds for quick travel.

Concoctionists require eagle feathers as an ingredient of levitation elixir. These feathers are gained by locating eagles, who fly around in a few areas, and either killing them plucking the corpse, or bravely plucking a live eagle while mid-air.