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Lions are great cats with golden fur and deep-chested builds. The males of the species are famous for their luxurious manes. Powerful opportunistic hunters, lions typically range prairies and savannahs but some species also inhabit montane regions and (rarely) woodlands.

Dark, lithe pumas

Pumas are mountain lions. This dark variety is native to the jungles and hills of Prin.

Fearsome lions

The lions of the Lupine Hunting Grounds are particularly powerful, ruling the grounds with august fury.

Kelstaad lions

Kelstaad lions and lionesses form a pride in the plains outside of the Qerstead. The dark-maned king of the prairie holds court atop a rock there, capturing visitors with imperious intent.

Majestic lions

The lions of Annwyn are majestic even in repose, and have a particular magical quality to them. Watching trespassers enter their domain, their intelligent gazes lend mystery as to their origins.

Savannah lions

The pride of the Savannah, these lions and lionesses favour head-battering and limb-smashing.

Mountain lions

The powerful mountain lions of the Vashnar Mountains are known to attack wandering adventurers without provocation. With sharp teeth and lethal claws, these huge cats are formidable prey for hunters, whether alone or in groups. Mountain lions reside primarily on the mountain paths that enter the Western range near the Dakhota Hills, the Aalen Forest, and the Dun Valley. However, some of the predatory cats seek easier prey amongst the Thraasi Foothills and the herds of mountain goats near Mount Piraeus.