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Mini pets are small creatures (in size and function) that can be obtained in a variety of ways. They are loyal to adventurers and may have different reactions to emotes. Unlike mounts, minipets cannot be ridden by adventurers. Unlike highly-customisable pets, minipets do not have magical abilities outside of the tightly-controlled scrapper battles. Currently these are the sources of mini pets:

Obtained at random from within "a globe of shifting continents.", promotional events and ship trades.
  • The mini pets inside these crates will become loyal to whoever removes them from their crates, allowing them to be traded and sold between adventurers while they remain in the crate.
  • Mini pets do not age and die, and they will reset to their owners approximately once every five or six Achaean days.
  • Once loyal, these mini pets cannot be transferred between adventurers.
  • These mini pets may customised in description only.
Constructed from talisman pieces.
  • Minipets assembled via talisman pieces instantly become loyal to the assembler, making any trades in talisman pets necessary as parts prior to assemblage.
  • Talisman minipets may be customised in description only.
Artefact eggs
Sold in the Shop of Wonders.
  • These mini pets may be customised in description only, and in a limited manner: they must remain the same basic material and type of bird. So, for example, "a glittering diamond canary" could be customised as "a black diamond canary" but not "a black diamond hummingbird" or "a ruby canary."

Some may have additional reactions to being greeted, emoted at, etc.!


Crated Minipets

Type Name Collection Released
Alligator a scaly alligator hatchling Water 2011 Jul (Globes)
Armadillo a small armadillo Desert 2012 Dec (Globes)
Badger a badger cub Woodland 2016 Aug (Caches)
Bat (Forest) a forest bat Creepy
Bat (Ghost) a swift ghost bat Creepy 2014 Oct (Halloween)
Bear Cub an inquisitive bear cub Woodland 2012 Dec (Globes)
Bear Cub (Polar) a polar bear cub Northern 2013 Jul (Globes)
Beaver a pudgy beaver kit Water 2016 Apr (Wheel)
Boar a young black boar Northern 2014 Dec (Globes)
Budgie a playful budgie Birds Ship Trade
Bunny a brown, floppy-eared bunny Woodland
Butterfly an Ilyrean butterfly Woodland 2016 Aug (Wheel)
Caiman a diminutive caiman Scaled 2016 May (Giftbags)
Camel a wobbly camel calf Desert 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Caribou fawn a tundra caribou fawn Northern 2015 Dec/2017 Nov
Cavy a Luthian rock cavy Plains 2016 Nov (Globes)
Chameleon a frilled chameleon Scaled 2016 May (Giftbags)
Chinchilla a short-tailed chinchilla Woodland 2014 Jul (Globes)
Chipmunk an energetic little chipmunk Woodland
Cockatiel a grey cockatiel Birds Ship Trade
Corpse flower a potted corpse flower plant Flora 2015 Aug (Globes)
Coyote Pup a white coyote pup Plains
Crocodile a baby crocodile Water 2019 Jan (Giftbags)
Cygnet a scruffy cygnet Birds 2017 Nov (Wheel)
Daffodils a pot of delicate golden daffodils Flora 2016 May (Giftbags)
Dingo Pup a dingo pup Desert 2014 Jul (Globes)
Dirangi Cub a dirangi cub Northern 2014 Jul (Globes)
Dragonlet a tiny skeletal dragonlet Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Duck a duck Domestic 2014 Jul (Globes)
Elephant a vine-bound stone elephant calf Creepy
Elephant a young bull elephant Desert 2017 Aug (Globes)
Fawn a bashful fawn Woodland
Ferret a rambunctious ferret Woodland 2012 Dec (Globes)
Finch a zebra finch Birds 2013 Jul (Globes)
Fossa a brown fossa Jungle
Frog a fire-bellied tree frog Jungle 2018 Jan (Giftbags)
Fox Kit a desert fox kit Desert 2012 Dec (Globes)
Fox (Bat-Eared) a bat-eared fox Woodland 2013 Jul (Globes)
Garron a sure-footed garron
Gazelle a dainty gazelle Plains 2013 Jul (Globes)
Gibbon a pileated gibbon Jungle 2013 Jul (Globes)
Giraffe Calf a spindly giraffe calf Plains 2011 Jul (Globes)
Goat Kid a frisky goat kid Domestic 2013 Dec (Globes)
Gryphon a small skeletal gryphon Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Hermit Crab a brightly coloured hermit crab Creepy 2013 Dec (Globes)
Hedgehog a desert hedgehog
Hellcat a tough-looking hellcat Domestic
Hen a battle hen Birds 2019 Nov (caches)
Hippo a pygmy hippo Water 2015 Aug (Globes)
Humgii a squat humgii
Hummingbird a skeletal hummingbird Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Hyena a youthful hyena Desert 2017 Aug (Globes)
Ibis a gangly ibis Birds 2015 Aug (Globes)
Iguana a regal valley iguana Scaled 2014 Jul (Globes)
Jackal a leggy jackal pup Desert/Plains 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Jarbo a pygmy jarbo Desert
Joey an energetic joey Plains 2019 Jan (Giftbags)
Kite a parchment kite
Kitten (Black) a tiny black kitten' Domestic 2015 Jan (Globes)
Kitten (Kamleikan Snow) a Kamleikan snow kitten
Kitten (Skeletal) a skeletal kitten Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Kitten (Thalassan) a Thalassan kitten
Kitten (Wildcat) a Dun Valley wildcat kitten
Ladybird a steelblue ladybird Special 2020 May (Promotional)
Lamb a woolly lamb Domestic 2012 Dec (Globes)
Leopard Cub a clouded leopard cub Plains
Lion a fluffy white lion cub Plains 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Lizard (Crimson) a winged lizard of vibrant crimson Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Lizard (Black) a winged lizard of midnight black Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Lizard (Silver) a winged lizard of shimmering silver Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Lizard (Green) a winged lizard of verdant green Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Lizard (Gold) a winged lizard of golden hue Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Lizard (Blue) a winged lizard of brilliant azure Scaled 2015 Jul (Globes)
Llama a llama cria Plains 2013 Dec (Globes)
Loris a pygmy slow loris Jungle
Lovebird a rosy-faced lovebird Birds 2017 Feb (Wheel)
Lycopod a tiny potted lycopod plant Flora 2015 Aug (Globes)
Mammoth a miniature mammoth calf Northern 2015 Jun (Globes)
Marmot a yellow-bellied marmot Woodland 2013 Jul (Globes)
Meerkat a skittish meerkat Desert
Mole a star-nosed mole pup Woodland 2013 Jul (Globes)
Moth a violet silk moth Jungle 2018 Jan (Giftbags)
Ocelot a graceful ocelot Desert 2015 Aug (Globes)
Orchids a macabre pot of tropical orchids Flora 2016 May (Giftbags)
Otter a sleek black otter Water
Owl a miniature snowy owl Northern 2014 Oct/Dec (Globes)
Pangolin a curious pangolin Jungle
Paradise Bird a crimson paradise bird Birds 2013 Dec (Globes)
Parrot (Mysian) an elegant Mysian parrot Ship Trade
Parrot (Ghost) a ghostly parrot Domestic
Penguin a crested penguin Birds 2019 Nov (caches)
Pheasant a copper crested pheasant Birds 2014 Jul (Globes)
Piglet a tiny piglet Domestic
Polecat kit a wiry polecat kit Northern 2015 Aug (Globes)
Praying mantis a bright green praying mantis Creepy 2015 Jun (Globes)
Puppy (Sheepdog) a Sangrean sheepdog puppy Plains
Puppy (Skeletal) a skeletal puppy Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Puppy (Terrier) an Inbhir terrier puppy
Python a yellow python Jungle 2017 Aug (Globes)
Quail a plump, tangerine-winged quail Birds
Raccoon a pudgy raccoon kit Woodland
Rat a skeletal rat Creepy 2016 Jun (Globes)
Salamander a scarlet salamander Scaled
Seagull a Borean seagull Birds 2017 Nov
Seal a spotted seal pup Northern 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Shrike a bone shrike Creepy 2016 Jun/Nov (Globes)
Skink a brilliant rainbow skink Scaled 2012 Dec (Globes)
Skua a tundral skua Birds 2019 Jan (Giftbags)
Skunk kit a fluffy-tailed skunk kit Woodland
Sloth a two-toed sloth Jungle
Slug a slimy Ulangian slug Creepy 2013 Dec (Globes)
Spiderling a crystal spiderling Creepy 2014 Jan (Globes)
Squirrel a black squirrel Woodland 2013 Dec (Globes)
Squirrel Monkey a squirrel monkey Jungle
Stoat a wriggly stoat Plains 2019 Jan (Giftbags)
Sugar Glider a tiny sugar glider Jungle
Swan a cloth swan
Tamarin a red-handed tamarin Jungle 2014 Jul (Globes)
Tapir Calf a tapir calf' Jungle 2015 Jan (Globes)
Tarantula a coral-black tarantula Creepy 2014 Jul (Globes)
Tiger Cub a Baarian tiger cub Jungle 2013 Dec (Globes)
Tortoise a tortoise hatchling Water Bazaar
Tulips a pot of flourishing tulips Flora 2017 Apr (Globes)
Turkey a tufty turkey chick Domestic 2015 Dec (Stockings)
Vulture an ivory vulture Desert 2017 Aug (Globes)
Weasel a velvety tundra weasel Northern 2017 Feb (Wheel)
Wolf Pup a tundra wolf pup Northern 2015 Jul (Globes)
Woodpecker a fledgling rheodine woodpecker Birds 2016 Apr (Wheel)

Talisman Minipets

Type Name Collection Talisman set
Coati a ring-tailed coati Azatlan
Goblin a blank and bantam goblin Black Wave
Kinkajou an auburn kinkajou Azatlan
Quetzal a resplendent quetzal Azatlan
Mongoose a black-tailed mongoose Desert Historical
Turtle a polka-dotted turtle Domestic Historical
Hellcat a tough-looking hellcat Domestic Historical
Ozhera a downy ozhera chick Historical
Elemental a miniature air elemental Domestic Elemental
Sprite (Fire) a roiling fire sprite Conclave
Sprite (Ice) a dainty ice sprite Conclave
Squargon a squargon Yggdrasil

Special Egg Minipets

Type Name Combination
Canary a glittering diamond canary Gemstone Egg, Diamond Brazier
Dove a marble dove Stone Egg, Marble Brazier
Finch a walnut finch Wooden Egg, Walnut Brazier
Hummingbird an emerald hummingbird Gemstone Egg, Emerald Brazier
Lark a copper lark Metal Egg, Copper Brazier
Parakeet an iron parakeet Metal Egg, Iron Brazier
Sandpiper a sandstone sandpiper Stone Egg, Sandstone Brazier
Sparrow a garnet sparrow Gemstone Egg, Garnet Brazier
Swallow a mahogany swallow Wooden Egg, Mahogany Brazier
Teal an onyx teal Stone Egg, Onyx Brazier
Tern a bronze tern Metal Egg, Bronze Brazier
Wren a birch wren Wooden Egg, Birch Brazier

Pet Artefacts

Certain artefacts can be purchased to enhance the experience of pet-owning, whether taking them out in style or making sure they stay at home. These include the leash of spun gold, the oak hitching post, and lavishly gilded pet cage.