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Previously sold at the Shop of Wonders, the four varieties of artefact eggs are each composed of a different material. Each may be hatched within the corresponding braziers to obtain special varieties of pet birds. Every combination of egg and brazier was different, resulting in twelve different breeds of the avian minipets.

The parquet wooden egg is formed of circular bands of rich mahogany, dense walnut, and pale birch, encircling its width from top to bottom. A crimson mahogany star is inlaid on the underside. This egg may be hatched in walnut, birch, or mahogany braziers, each costing two thousand gold sovereigns.

The mosaic stone egg is wrought from seamlessly inlaid tiles of white marble, tawny sandstone, and smooth onyx, arranged so that no tile touches another of the same material. This egg may be hatched in onyx, sandstone, or marble braziers, each costing three thousand gold sovereigns.

The damascene metal egg is forged from intricately spun bands of fiery copper, muted iron, and golden bronze, combining and separating in a dance of metallic colours. This egg may be hatched in bronze, iron, or copper braziers, each costing four thousand gold sovereigns.

The inlaid gemstone egg is composed of minute pyramidal gemstones of pure diamond, bloody garnet, and deep emerald, the countless facets glimmering under the faintest light. This egg may be hatched in diamond, garnet, or emerald braziers, each costing five thousand gold sovereigns.

These eggs and braziers were available for purchase at Merentesh's Shop of Wonders in Delos, but were discontinued in 559 AF.