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Many types of rabbits thrive in Achaea. These small, fur-covered creatures have short tails, long legs, and hop around in search of lush vegetation to eat, always alert for predators.

Brown rabbits
These rabbits can be found on Mount Gheladan. They are generally covered in brown fur, though their bellies are white.
Brown floppy-eared rabbits
Of similar hue to the mountain rabbits of Gheladan, floppy-eared rabbits of the Actar Valley have the misfortune of living near Biba, who is always looking for ingredients for her stew.
Golden grassland hares
Long and lean, the fur of these rabbits is a rich blond, flecked with caramel, white, and copper. Their large, ovoid ears constantly twitch to catch the slightest hint of any approaching threat on the Daoric Plains
Inquisitive mountain hares
Non-descript mountain hares found in the valley of Kuthalebak.
Large rabbit with one black ear
Found in the Aalen Forest, these rabbits are easily noticeable by their unique coloration of their floppy ears.
Plump wild rabbits
These grey rabbits make their home in the Aalen Forest and the Aerinewild, where they clearly have no problem finding enough to eat.
Scrawny mountain hares
These northern rodents are smaller than most rabbits, with large brown eyes and matted grey fur. They can be found warily nibbling upon Eirenwaar Island's stunted grasses, their short ears twitching in apprehension of their surroundings.
Scrub hares
These small hares have mottled fur which camouflages them against the long grasses of the Savannah.
Snowshoe hares
Snowshoe rabbits are native to the Tundra around Kamleikan. Their dull fur acts as camouflage in the snowy wastes, and they blend in easily.
Speckled white rabbits
White with black specks on its fur, as well as a pure-black nose, these rabbits can be found in the Aureliana Forest.
Wild rabbits
Feral and plump, these chocolate-eared rabbits forage for nuts and berries within the hidden valley of the Rhodestrian Settlement.