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Scrappers are minipets (or artefact pets) that have been taught to battle and can be deployed in scrapper matches against other players and their own scrappers. This battle system is entirely independent of any other game or combat system in Achaea and is wholly a showdown of pet(s) vs pet(s) drawing upon their unique attacks, genus, resistances, strengths, and weaknesses.

Almost all minipets are eligible to be upgraded into full-fledged scrappers with the exception of the fire/ice sprite from the Conclave event, the pair of leather shoes, the red rubber ball, the parchment kite, and the living rope.

Minipets that die and the various potted plants may also not be turned into scrappers.


You can register your minipets as scrappers with either Jovan in Tasur'ke or Elma on in Nimick. For a fee of 25,000 gold, you can SCRAPPER REGISTER <minipetID>.


Each scrapper has statistics for health, attack, and defence. These are randomized initially, and a randomized value is added each time they gain a level.

Scrappers gain levels through experience, which they gain by winning fights.


To start a scrapper fight, you can use the SMATCH command and follow the prompts. You will specify how many players can participate, and how many scrappers they can each deploy. Each round, players will choose which attack to use against which target (if in a group battle).


You can feed scrappers treats once an Achaean month to allow them to reroll certain statistics:

pumpkin-flavoured health
knaveberry-flavoured defence
salmon-flavoured attack
floral-smelling all

Boss Jovan in Tasur'ke and Elma Koa in Nimick sell these treats for 15,000 gold each, or 50,000 gold for the floral-smelling treat.


All scrappers have access to a set of four different attacks, unlocked sequentially as they reach levels 1, 3, 12, and 20.

Some of these attacks are shared across multiple similar scrappers but ALL scrapper minipets have at least one unique attack available to their species; this is learned at level 12 and has an advantage of dealing more damage than most standard attack moves.

Some attacks will have a status effect; these might cause a damage over time effect, create paralysis/webbing effects that cause your foe to miss a turn, or instill a mental affliction that will give your foe the chance to deal damage to itself (as well as your scrapper) when it attacks.