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Deer are timid four-legged creatures. They are common throughout the realms, and can be observed at various stages of life. They are, as a whole, easily spooked and wary of being approached.

Alert deer
These young deer are often seen in the Aalen Forest, the Aerinewild, and the Aureliana Forest. They are particularly skittish, and are easily identifiable as adolescents by the speckled pattern on their coats.
Great white stag
These large males are quite muscular, and their white hides give them an almost ghostly appearance. They can be seen in the Eastern Ithmia.
King Stag
This massive stag lives in the Cloud Forest of Ulangi.
Large buck
These strong males possess impressive racks of antlers, which are used for protection. They can be found in the Northreach Forest.
Midnight stag
This unusual black-furred variant of deer can be found in the hidden forest of Darkenwood. The stags are keenly attuned to the forest around them and can call upon its protection if in danger.
Speckled fawn
The youngest deer have their brown hides covered in white spots, but otherwise look like miniature versions of their parents. Fawns are most easily seen in the Northreach Forest and on the island of Ulangi.
White tailed doe
These older females are calmer than their younger counterparts, though still given to bounding away at a moment's notice. Their coats are fully brown, except for their trademark white tails. They can be found in the Aerinewild and Northreach Forest.