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Squirrels are tree-climbing creatures that are most often found in forests, where they can forage for nuts and berries with ease.

Bushy-tailed grey squirrel
Found in the Aureliana Forest, these squirrels are characterized by their grey fur and predominant tails. At 6 ounces, they are quite small.
Emaciated squirrels
Like the other creatures of the Creville Asylum, these squirrels are chronically malnourished and appear sickly and frail.
Giant grey squirrels
These massive squirrels, weighing 5 pounds each, are found in the Pixie Village in the newbie area of Minia.
Small red squirrel
These squirrels enjoy exploring the treetops of the Aalen Forest and the Western Ithmia. They are quite noticeable with their red fur, and are slightly smaller than their bushy-tailed grey cousins, at 4 ounces.