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Sheep and lambs graze in herds in farmlands and plains of both Sapience and its sister continent, Meropis. Across Sapience, sheep are kept in both Nimick and just north of the Village of Gorshire in the Valley of Lodi. Known for its extreme softness, the wool from Lodi sheep is prized by tailors across Sapience. Similar breeds of sheep are also found in the grasslands of the Putoran Hills, the Sangre Plains, and Dardanic Grasslands. The woolly barmotez can also be found in the Dardanic Grasslands south of Bitterfork.

The bighorn sheep of the Southern Vashnars (and their mutated cousins in the Vasnari Mountains) are not known at all for their wool, but for their sure-footedness and cantankerous natures. Some Meropis herdsmen, such as Bayar of the Chaghut encampment on Meropis, brand their sheep and other livestock to show ownership and help prevent theft.