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There are many afflictions that may befall adventurers in Achaea, each one unique in its effects. While most are detrimental, some may actually be considered advantageous under certain circumstances. Such afflictions are often considered defences, such as deafness and blindness.

A comprehensive list of cures for afflictions may be found on the Cures page.

Afflictions include any of the altered states of mind and body brought on by venoms, curses, psychic manipulation, and various other abilities used by combatants and creatures. The ring of pestilence is an enchantment that will target its victim with a random affliction.

As is natural, every ailment has a corresponding cure, whether it be an herb, salve, or elixir. The powerful Tree of Life tattoo can also cure almost all afflictions, as can the Priest skill of Healing, and lifestone. The worry stone, gem of negation and the necklace of purity are enchantments that also cure afflictions.

The command AFFLICTION LIST will show the following:

Addiction Aeon Agoraphobia Airdisrupt Airfisted Amnesia
Anorexia Asthma Blackout Blindness Bound Brokenleftarm
Brokenleftleg Brokenrightarm Brokenrightleg Burning Cadmuscurse Claustrophobia
Clumsiness Concussion Confusion Corruption Daeggerimpale Damagedhead
Damagedleftarm Damagedleftleg Damagedrightarm Damagedrightleg Darkshade Dazed
Dazzled Deadening Deafness Deepsleep Dementia Demonstain
Disloyalty Disrupted Dissonance Dizziness Earthdisrupt Enlightenment
Entangled Epilepsy Fear Firedisrupt Flamefisted Frozen
Generosity Haemophilia Hallucinations Hamstrung Healthleech Heartseed
Hecatecurse Hellsight Hindered Homunculusmercury Hypersomnia Hypochondria
Hypothermia Icefisted Impaled Inquisition Insomnia Internalbleeding
Isolation Itching Justice Laceratedthroat Lapsingconsciousness Lethargy
Loneliness Lovers Manaleech Mangledhead Mangledleftarm Mangledleftleg Mangledrightarm
Mangledrightleg Masochism Mildtrauma Mindclamp Nausea Pacified
Palpatarfeed Paralysis Paranoia Peace Penitence Phlogisticated
Pinshot Prone Recklessness Scytherus Selarnia Sensitivity
Serioustrauma Shivering Shyness Silver Slashedthroat Sleeping
Slickness Slimeobscure Spiritdisrupt Stupidity Stuttering Temperedcholeric
Temperedmelancholic Temperedphlegmatic Temperedsanguine Transfixation Trueblind Unconsciousness
Unstablehumours Vertigo Vinewreathed Vitiated Vitrified Voidfisted
Voyria Waterdisrupt Weakenedmind Weariness Webbed Whisperingmadness

AFFLICTION SHOW <affliction> will give the following (example with Addiction):
 Affliction:         Addiction to curatives
 Diagnose:           suffering from addiction.
 Afflicted msg:      You feel a terrible hunger grow within you.
 Cured msg:          Your terrible addiction seems to wane.
 Cure(s):            Eat Ginseng / Eat Ferrum
 WhisperingMadness:  Yes
 Tzantza:            Yes
 Accentato:          Yes
 CadmusCurse:        No
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