Lemnian Sea

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The Lemnian Sea, named for the destroyed city of Lemnos, is a tropical mediterranean sea, an arm of the southern Eusian Ocean, that borders the Notic Ocean. It is bordered in the west by southeast Sapience, in the north by the Ulangi Isles, in the south by Zanzibaar, and in the southwest by New Hope. The Great Southern Current skirts its southwest edge.

Major ports include:

For centuries, the Lemnian Sea has been a major nexus of commerce both lawful and unlawful. Shallam in the west and Zanzibaar in the southeast, two wealthy tropical nations, traded with each other since time immemorial. Over time, their activities garnered the attention of pirates, turning Mysia and surrounding waters into a haven for buccaneers that would hope to prey on passing vessels. Smuggling is also a common practice in the Lemnian, as evidenced by the smuggling ring of the lesser Baarian islets.

Natural resources of the Lemnian Sea include abundant fish populations such as whiskerknot skrei, stripefish, two-headed fish, giant hatchetfish, coelacanth, spotted fangtooth, duskfin tuna, and redfin tuna. Brittleback whales, giant sea turtles, and spearhead sharks also dwell within the temperate waters.