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Lyhana, a sweet little girl, is originally from the village of Tasur'ke but moved to the island of Zanzibaar with her grandfather Havden in Scarlatan of 464 AF. She makes and sells various marionettes of her own predetermined, racial designs, as well as custom marionettes of any adventurers present.

Lyhana's Wares

Atavian marionette - 4000gp
Delicately carved wooden wings are attached to the back of this painted marionette by tiny brass hinges. Thin golden threads are affixed to the toy's head, forming a lovely mane of flowing blonde hair. Carved in the likeness of a female, the doll's face is painted with pretty blue eyes, full red lips, and pink circles upon its cheeks. A backless, cerulean dress clothes the marionette, and strings attached to the limbs and wings allow the toy to be moved by a rod at the other end.
Tsol'aa marionette - 4000gp
Dressed in a green gown, this marionette is expertly carved to portray a female Tsol'aa. Slender limbs are attached to a graceful body by tiny hinges, and delicate auburn threads serve as the doll's hair. The thin strands are done up in numerous braids and tied with tiny emerald-coloured ribbons. The toy's face is painted with green eyes and pretty red lips, along with pink circles on both of its cheeks. Strings attached to the limbs of the marionette allow it to be moved via a wooden rod at the other end.
Satyr marionette - 4000gp
Rabbit fur is glued to the goat-like legs of this finely crafted toy, the shiny strands dyed the colour of midnight and tiny, cloven hooves stick out from below the soft covering. The marionette is fashioned with small vestigial horns at the top of its head and a wide smile on its mouth. Covering its chest, a little white shirt serves as clothing, tied neatly around the waist with a leather belt. Thin strings are hooked to the limbs of the doll, leading to a wooden rod that allows the marionette to be moved.
Xoran marionette - 4000gp
Painted a deep green with tiny lines at various places on its wooden body to mimic the texture of scales, this marionette has an almost comical look to it. Lizard-like features are set in a large grin, and a pair of simplistic black eyes stare out blankly from its wooden face. Small claws grace its hands, and a long tail sprouts from its back, jointed so that it can be moved separately from the rest of the toy. Strings attached to the limbs and tail of the doll allow it to be manipulated by a wooden rod at the other end.
Dragon marionette - 6000gp
Decorated with shining gold paint, this marionette is crafted to resemble a massive dragon. Large, moveable wings spread forth from its back, and a long, prehensile tail stretches out behind it. Carved ivory talons are set at the end of its hands and feet, and teeth of the same material stick out from the toy's roaring mouth. Black eyes are painted on its face, staring out with a look of ferocious menace. Strings hook to various sections of the toy, allowing the body to be moved in a variety of ways via a wooden rod at the other end.
Simple marionette - 2000gp
This wooden marionette lacks any detail and is somewhat roughly carved. It is made of unfinished pine and the joints are kept together by tiny hinges. Strings attached to the limbs lead to wooden rods that allow the toy to be manipulated and obtain more realistic movements.