Thalassian seastrider

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The Thalassian seastrider is presently the second largest available class of oceangoing vessel, as well as the oldest still in wide-scale production for adventurers.


Seastriders sport a long, narrow, clinker-built hull spanning a length of over 130 feet, the majority of which is comprised of a sizable main deck lined with a row of oar banks on either side. An elevated quarterdeck sits near to the rear of the ship, directly over the crew's cabins. Three lateen-rigged masts support the model's complex sail plan, interlaced with cordage. Each Thalassian seastrider bears a traditional aft-raked stern, and its bow is adorned by a painting of a large, open eye. In addition, spars projecting from both the brow and stern will generally bear a single bronze lantern each.

The seastrider's sailing speed is best when running downwind or at a broad reach, outpacing windcutters in similar situations. It possesses a wider turn radius and its sail plan cannot beat as close to the wind as a windcutter (with a minimum of two points off the wind as opposed to the windcutter's one), but it makes up for this with greater hull strength, a more efficient rowing complement, and larger deck and cargo hold sizes. Decks are comprised of the quarterdeck, bow, stern, side deck, main deck, and single-room cabin - six decks, or twice that of a windcutter - and cabin interiors can be expanded to a total of five extra rooms via housing credits at twice the standard housing cost. The main deck is the weapons deck, boasting room for up to three weapons composed of any combination of ballistas, onagers, and Arcanian arms.


The first seastrider was born of a design by Captain Maelstrom, the former herald of the fallen sea-god Caspian, and its prototype, the Sinope, was tested for months at sea by Himalia. Following the Sinope's return to Port Tasur'ke, Maelstrom offered ships on a five-million-gold commission basis: one to each of the five who had assisted him chiefly in the delivery of raw materials for the wharf's construction.

  • The Queen Himalia, captained by Delphinus Windancer
  • The Kraken's Maw, captained by Riashain a'Bertal
  • The Aeolos, captained by Revelation Azon
  • The Aristeia, captained by Asara Eslofe
  • The Maelstrom, captained by Verrucht Dawyn

The ships set out from Tasur'ke after a brief blessing to Neraeos on the afternoon of Miraman 22, 461 AF. After the maiden voyages of the first five vessels which culminated in the discovery of Zanzibaar, Clockwork Isle, Tapoa Island, and Zaphar Isle, commissions began for wide-scale seastrider production.