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Silana, Siren of the Hoalanatha, treats guests upon the Hoalanatha. An inhabitant of the island of Zanzibaar, she directs patrons of the shipboard restaurant toward appropriate dining locations and sells them a variety of beverages with which to wet their palates before meals. Perhaps the most popular beverage is the Obelito Rum, which is frequently sold out.

Silana's Wares

Fruit-filled champagne flute - 40gp
This tall glass is filled with a delectable mixture of tropical fruits. Thin slices of orange and wedges of lime are mixed in among chunks of passionfruit and mango, the perfect pairing for champagne.
Oversized glass goblet - 50gp
The thin, twisted glass stem of this oversized goblet seems inadequate to support the rounded bowl, but somehow it does. Elegant and unadorned, the curves of the glass provide ample room for wine to swirl about, emitting a sweet and fruity aroma into the surrounding air.
Frosted pint glass - 45gp
Smelling faintly of hops, this pint glass is thick and weighted at the bottom, chilled to give it a frosty appearance. The outside is etched with a drawing of a magnificent three-masted ship, the name "Hoalanatha" added below in a flowing script.
Showy red hibiscus - 35gp
Five crimson petals form the cup-like shape of this beautiful hibiscus flower, whose stamen has been removed to allow liquid to be held within. The sweet fragrance of passionfruit liqueur mingles with the strong scent of the flower, tantalising the senses with the exotic temptation.