Blood Congregation

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Blood Congregation
Ascendant None
Oligarchs None
Patron Sartan, the Malevolent
Leadership Style Oligarchy
Founder Xerimor
City Mhaldor
Classes Permitted Apostate, Bard, Jester, Magi, and Shaman
House Tutor Morimbuul
Heraldric Arms Sanguine, a baalzadeen statant guardant Or
Icon The Crown of Thorns (Destroyed)

This page is about the House. For other uses, please see Apostates (disambiguation).

The Blood Congregation was one of the Houses of Mhaldor. The Spire of Horror was the House estate of the Blood Congregation, and was located in Mhaldor's Baelgrim Fortress. They served as the clergy of the city, devoting themselves to the Seven Truths in all fields with a fierce zealotry.


The foundation of the Apostate class and, subsequently, the guild itself occurred after a number of unusual occurrences. The first hint to its beginning was in the year 318 AF, when images of dark priests began to appear to Mhaldorians, while angels in Shallam began to show demonic traits.

In the same year, the rogue occultist Xerimor summoned Lord Taug, who asked Xerimor's assistance in claiming revenge on the Chaos Lord Danaeus. Eager to assist, Xerimor travelled to the Chaos Plane with an army and slew the dark savant, bringing his corpse back to Mhaldor. Imprisoning Danaeus' soul in an altar in Mhaldor, the ecstatic Taug turned him over to Xerimor, explaining that the altar could be used as a powerful relic for summoning, binding, and imprisoning inhabitants of opposing planes.

Enraged by the imprisonment of his chief advisor, Emperor Golgotha ordered Xenophage and the Occultists to construct a massive portal strong enough for him to enter Sapience to retrieve him. Upon his arrival, he freed Danaeus and, to appease the ritual demands of the crimson altar, imprisoned the soul of Xerimor in his place.

The citizens of Mhaldor worked to free Xerimor from his prison, lest his soul be eternally damned there. Visions and signs made it clear that the sacrifice of a holy being might somehow assist in his freedom. Though many attempts were made to capture and slay a priest for this purpose, none were successful in trapping an angel in the sacrificial chamber. Finally, Azmodai, the pit fiend, was procured to assist in the feat. The daemon summoned the priest Valeo, and the Mhaldorians beat him senseless until his angel leapt to his aid. The angel was quickly bound and sacrificed upon the altar to free Xerimor.

Immediately upon his release, Xerimor explained that the altar could be used to unleash a demonic force upon the land, and he then began open a portal in this manner; one that was large enough to summon for an entire army of demons and other infernal beasts. Recovering his senses, Valeo interrupted the ritual by striking Xerimor with his holy mace and then using the last of his life force to resurrect his angel. The daemon general Morimbuul walked through the portal, the first of what should have been many demons. At that moment, Valeo's angel escaped through the rift with her master's corpse causing the portal to implode, trapping Morimbuul on Achaea and Valeo in the daemon realm.

Rather than waste the efforts put forth by the Mhaldorians, Xerimor used his knowledge of Domination to bind Morimbuul to to the Prime Material Plane, ordering him to instruct of the daemonic realm and the arts of Apostasy. With Morimbuul's knowledge in hand, Xerimor announced the formation of the Apostates Guild, focused on the worship of Lord Sartan.

Political History


??? AF - Lord Sartan became the first Patron of the Blood Congregation.
??? AF - Lady Indrani replaced Lord Sartan.
??? AF - Lord Thoth replaced Lady Indrani.
??? AF - Lord Apollyon replaced Lord Thoth.
??? AF - Lord Shaitan replaced Lord Apollyon.
??? AF - Lady Keresis replaced Lord Shaitan.
??? AF - Lord Sartan replaced Lady Keresis.

Leadership - Guildmasters

318 AF - Founder: Xerimor.
321 AF - Mistral replaced Xerimor as Guildmaster.
324 AF - Detritus replaced Mistral as Guildmaster.
325 AF - Afflicted replaced Detritus as Guildmaster.
335 AF - Ladydeath replaced Afflicted as Guildmaster.
359 AF - Ranzou replaced Ladydeath as Guildmaster.
378 AF - Ravai replaced Ranzou as Guildmaster.
385 AF - Wulfen replaced Ravai as Guildmaster.
397 AF - Herenicus replaced Wulfen as Guildmaster.
413 AF - Cypra replaced Herenicus as Guildmaster.
431 AF - Dyzanru replaced Cypra as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Messiahs of the Damned

439 AF - First Messiah of the Damned: Dyzanru
452 AF - Ranzou replaced Dyzanru as the Messiah of the Damned, purely as an interim.
452 AF - Wulfen replaced Ranzou as the Messiah of the Damned.
470 AF - Nocroth replaced Wulfen as the Messiah of the Damned.
488 AF - Kaevan replaced Nocroth as the Messiah of the Damned.
500 AF - Tahquil replaced Kaevan as the Messiah of the Damned
511 AF - Gorlasintan replaced Tahquil as the Messiah of the Damned.
522 AF - Herenicus replaced Gorlasintan as the Messiah of the Damned.
524 AF - Taraus replaced Herenicus as the Messiah of the Damned.
544 AF - Taraza replaced Taraus as the Messiah of the Damned.
559 AF - Zii replaced Taraza as the Messiah of the Damned.
573 AF - Taraus replaced Zii as the Messiah of the Damned.
580 AF - Harmonia replaced Taraus as the Messiah of the Damned.
589 AF - Carmain replaced Harmonia as the Messiah of the Damned.
608 AF - Azor replaced Carmain as the Messiah of the Damned.
620 AF - Carmain replaced Azor as the Messiah of the Damned.
623 AF - Xer replaced Carmain as the Messiah of the Damned.
643 AF - Alynna replaced Xer as the Messiah of the Damned.

Icon History

??? AF - The Crown of Thorns was raised.
433 AF - The icon was destroyed in a joint effort involving Eleusis, Shallam, and Ashtan.
441 AF - The icon was raised once more.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed.
634 AF - The icon was raised once again.
635 AF - The icon was destroyed by the joint forces of Ashtan, Hashan, and Eleusis.


Morimbuul, a troublesome daemon, resided within the Spire as their tutor, and a mad gremlin existed as their humgii.