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Danaeus, the dark savant, was chief advisor to the demon prince Pazuzu. He eventually switched allegiances to follow Golgotha in his takeover of the Chaos Plane. Initially a colleague of Hycanthus, he was looked down upon because he didn't have the flair his colleague had. So his quest for immortality started, by joining the first Occultists. However during the Burning Times when the Church was slaying Occultists he fled and joined forces with Belladona to continue his research in immortality. In efforts to achieve immortality for themselves, Belladona taught Danaeus the skill of Necromancy, which he dabbled in the Soulcage Experiments. Joining their resources they decided to concoct joint experiment which failed leading to her becoming the Vampiress. Fleeing her wrath, Pazuzu came across Danaeus and saw the raw potential in him and with his knowledge and a final experiment became the half-demon. Although his physical frailty is exposed in his stooped and gaunt figure, he nevertheless imposes an impressive presence on his surroundings; his deep red eyes and hooded, monkish cloak only add to his fascinating yet chilling mien. It is rumoured that Danaeus was once a mortal spellweaver, the most renowned of his time. As he neared the end of his life, he devoted much of his attention to the pursuit of immortality. His twisted form is the result of his partial success, and he lives on in service to the Chaos Plane.