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Jy'Barrak Golgotha, the Ascendant's Thrall, is the former ruler of the Chaos Plane. He was overthrown by Imperator Glaaki, the Eldritch Ascendant in 691 AF. He reigned from the Infernal Throne atop the great volcano in the centre of the Chaos Plane, with Arctar, the Defender acting as his bodyguard. He towers fifteen feet in the air, his form wreathed in elemental flame, and is encased in blackened battle armour that shines with the blood of sacrificial victims.


Golgotha started life as a chaos thrall sometime after Prince Slith and Pazuzu were banished to the Chaos Plane during the Chaos Wars. He was tended by Hecate and Marduk of the infernal legion, as all chaos thralls at the time were, though most were raised for the purpose of feeding Slith and Zsarachnor's undead hordes. Of the thralls, Golgotha grew the swiftest and bullied the most, quickly rising to a position of leadership among the thralls. Of the others, his closest companions were Arctar, Cadmus, and Scrag.

Rise to Power

So blinded was Pazuzu by his own ego that he did not notice the alarming rate at which Golgotha's power was growing, and remained ignorant of the fact that it would soon rival his own. Meanwhile, Golgotha gathered allies among the chaos thralls - not too difficult a task considering their fear of becoming the next undead meal - and intermingled with the rest of the Inferno demons, even going so far as to sire children with them, although Dameron was the only one he allowed to live. When the uprising finally occurred, the fighting struck huge blows to both sides, but in the end it was clear that Golgotha had won. Even those who had allied themselves with the infernal legions, such as Danaeus, Pazuzu's advisor, bowed to Jy'Barrak in the end. And so, he pushed Pazuzu, Slith, Zsarachnor, and their followers through a gateway made by Xenophage to the Prime Material Plane, stripped of all but a portion of their power.

Vengeance, Twofold

In the year 318 AF, the Occultist Xerimor and the banished Pazuzu led a Mhaldorian army to the Chaos Plane to capture Danaeus in revenge for his betrayal. They made haste to Mhaldor, where Taug fashioned an altar and trapped Danaeus' body and soul within. Golgotha arrived on Sapience and, using his own arcane powers, freed Danaeus and cast Xerimor into Danaeus' place. Satisfied, the two Chaos Lords returned to their home plane.

This event was a catalyst for the formation of the Apostate Guild, which was later renamed the Blood Congregation after the formation of Houses.

Fall of the Ruler

During the time of the Chaos Wars, Glaaki was imprisoned between time and space for being too powerful dangerous to kill by Pazuzu and Zsarachnor. In the year 690 AF, occultists ritually released the legendary Chaos Lord before securing him in their house estate. Paranoia seized Golgotha and, fearing that Glaaki's influence and power would spread against him, the Emperor of Chaos declared a seige against Ashtan. His court abandoned him, fleeing to give support to his opponent.

On the heels of a desperate gambit made by the forces of the beleagured Bastion of the North, Glaaki forced his way through the burning Chaos Plane to confront the Infernal Throne itself. Drawing upon ancient and long-forgotten information, he spoke Golgotha's true name thrice, bringing the emperor to his knees before usurping his title of Lord of the Chaos Plane.