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Fish can be found in most places where there are sufficiently large bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or other bodies of fresh water and in the deep seas. They have gills, are usually scaled, and are caught and eaten by many riverside and seaside villages.

Fish around Achaea

The following is a list of locations of fish and their species within Sapience.

schools of fish
Barony of Dun Valley
large catfish, schools of piranha
Eastern Reaches
silver shiners
Eastern Shore
schools of fish, Eastern flounders, king barracudas
Green Lake
slimy catfish, mud eels
Grukai Swamp
azure koparfish, schools of vicious piranha, shark-like jundas, transparent cahnos
Gulf of Nilakantha
redfin tunas, whiptail stingrays
Inbhir Ness
darting fish
silvery eels
Lake Vundamere
large brown carp
clownfish, sea bass, black and white spadefish
Lupine Hunting Grounds
schools of piranha
Mount Piraeus
king salmon
black sea bass, bleeding salt-water cod, schools of clownfish, blue-spotted stingrays, enormous gulper eels, lanternfish, schools of fish
jet-black mantas, moray eels, schools of fish, puffer fish
River Mnemosyne
grey-scaled roopimayas, peacock bass, schools of red-bellied piranha, swift alurabims
schools of discus, schools of tambaqui
Siroccian Mountains
silvery blind fish
sea carp
Ulsyndar Salt Mines
slender white fish
Underground Lake (Mhaldor Isle)
anglerfish, giant anglerfish
Wegava Valley
large grey sturgeons
Zaphar River
silver salmon

Types of Fish That Can Be Caught

Some fish can be caught through the popular sport of fishing and may be sold to the proprietor of a bait shop for profit.

Each type of fish that be caught also has its own character. When hooked, the fish will fight against being reeled in. Likewise, certain breeds of fish may be very cautious when encountering bait, while other fish may be interested, or even aggressively go for the bait at the end of a fisher's line.


Yellow Perch      (lake, weak fight, interested)
Blue Eel          (lake, weak fight, cautious)
Striped Shad      (lake, medium fight, interested)
Longnose Darter   (river, medium fight, interested)
Bearded Pikefish  (river, strong fight, interested)


Rock bass         (lake, strong fight, aggressive)
Catfish           (lake, medium fight, interested)
Marble Carp       (lake, medium fight, cautious)
Giant Chubsucker  (lake, weak fight, aggressive)
Eastern Mooneye   (lake, medium fight, interested)
Black Crappie     (river, medium fight, cautious)
Walleye           (river, strong fight, aggressive)
Trout             (river, strong fight, aggressive)


Pike              (lake, strong fight, aggressive)
Sturgeon          (lake, very strong fight, interested)
Giant Salmon      (river, very strong fight, aggressive)


Whiskerknot Skrei (deepsea, medium fight, interested)
Stripefish        (deepsea, medium fight, aggressive)
Two-headed fish   (deepsea, strong fight, cautious)
Giant Hatchetfish (deepsea, very strong fight, aggressive)
Coelacanth        (deepsea, strong fight, cautious)
Spotted Fangtooth (deepsea, strong fight, interested)
Duskfin Tuna      (deepsea, very strong fight, cautious)
Redfin Tuna       (deepsea, strong fight, aggressive)