Inbhir Ness

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Inbhir Ness
Leader Rhorg, the dwarf chief
Religion Phaestus

Nestled amongst the Saoghal Mountains of the far north, Inbhir Ness is the northernmost of the several dwarven communities found throughout Sapience. It is accessible by heading northwest through the wilderness beyond Northreach Forest. The forest of Rheodad and the valley of Saoghal are its closest neighbors.


The dwarves of Inbhir Ness originally settled within Mount Inbhir, excavating mines and building their village at its heart. Disaster struck when avalanches and earthquakes shook the mountain, killing many dwarves and driving them from their homes. They rebuilt their village in the valley beside the mountain, but due to the perilous terrain the settlement is often unreachable.


Expert miners, metalsmiths, and lovers of gems, dwarves are a race of the earth. The dwarves of Inbhir Ness are led by a chief, while priests of Phaestus guide their spiritual lives. They eke out a meager living toiling with the fields to produce food for their families, though they long for the day they may return to a mining lifestyle.