Lake Vundamere

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Lake Vundamere is located within the Savannah, just southwest of the Prelatorian Highway. A popular spot for fishing, a bait shop is located nearby and run by the fisherman Craden.

Vundamere was named after Vunda, the gruesome monster of Vundamere. In ancient times a village, the name of which has been lost to memory, sprung up around the lake. Vunda destroyed the village, and the villagers began offering tribute to pacify the beast. For untold years she remained dormant until the appearance of the Creature of Vundamere, with whom she took an almost maternal approach. In modern times, the fisherman Craden hooked her accidentally while fishing, and he was devoured for a time until returning from the Halls of Maya. The dragon Garth eventually managed to slay the beast, much to the sorrow of the creature of Vundamere.

During the War of the Deeps, Lake Vundamere played host to the aptly-named Battle of Vundamere, during which Tsol'teth General Gattan'lier lost his Orb of Transformation.

In the present day, within Lake Vundamere itself can be found a variety of wildlife, including carp and the rare red crane. The dangerous creature from Lake Vundamere still roams the lake as well, stinking of rotten fish. Upon the Vundamerian Island, yellow-bellied turtles can be found sunning themselves, while a small hut built in the centre of the island is perfect for birdwatching. Enthusiasts may find Ignatius, the Ornithologist there, an intriguing conversationalist for those of an avian bent.