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Eels are elongated, ray-finned water creatures which look like snakes. Some are predacious, and the various species generally make their homes within the watery shallows in and around Sapience. Although eels are fish, they yield animal meat when butchered.

Centipedal eels

The strange centipedal eel of Lake Dakhota possess an electric sting and dozens of tiny legs.

Fire eels

A strange mutation, these blue-hued eels swim the dangerous waters of the Lupine Hunting Grounds.

Giant gulper eels

These bony fish from the underwater ruins of Phereklos have snake-like, flaccid bodies and rows of spiky teeth in their gigantic jaws.

Moray eels

Moray eels are antagonistic and aggressive, hunting any adventurer they may come across in the depths of the Riparian sea shelf.

Silvery eels

Silver eels swim freely through the icy waters of Isaia. Their razor-sharp scales and fine teeth cut through the toughest skin or hide.