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The Ruins of Phereklos
Leader King Ascalaphus
Discoverer Ixin
Enemies Ogalla Grooks


The Ruins of Phereklos are contained in an underwater chasm that lies in the waters west of the Northreach Forest. Untouched for many decades, dangerous sea creatures and distinctive marine vegetation ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre have populated the area in the absence of sentient life. Although it is located in the icy northern waters of the Sapphire Sea, geothermal vents of superheated water surround the ransacked city, having provided habitable warmth to those who used to live there.


A once thriving city-state of mermic people, the ruins are all that remain of Phereklos. A series of raids plotted by landwalkers resulted in much looting and murdering of the mermic people. Unable to stop it, Ascalaphus, King of Phereklos, seeks revenge to this day against the barbarous Grooks responsible, even in death. The city has reached mythic status amongst the people of the sea, especially the Tritons, who proclaim its destruction a tangible justification for their hatred for those who walk the land. Prior to its destruction, the city-state was allied to both Lothos and Riparium.

Flora and Fauna

Creatures inhabiting this area include enormous gulper eels, blue-spotted stingrays, translucent jellyfish, schools of clownfish, black sea bass, bull sharks, hideous squids, colourful anemone, salt-water cod, multi-headed hydra, and a jade sea serpent.