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A phoenix is a legendary bird composed of pure elemental fire and life energy, much like the fires of the sun. It manifested most prominently in the transformation of Dawn Illoriel during her efforts to cleanse the land of the Chaos Taint, an effort which took her life. Impressed by her courage, Sarapis raised the woman to become Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun. The goddess later adopted the fiery bird as a personal symbol, borrowed from her time as an Auroran priestess.

As an iconic creature, the phoenix is a charge found in modern heraldry. It was also adopted by the earstwhile Ashtani House known as the Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix for representation and symbolic interpretation. The elementalists of that House suppressed a phoenix beneath their House estate for years. After Golgotha besieged Ashtan in 691 AF in order to rid the existence of the Chaos Lord, Glaaki, the Warlocks released their firebird in order to breach the Chaos Plane to assault the Emperor of Chaos.