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Atavians are known for their ability to fly

Members of the Atavian race hail from the floating cloud city of Arcadia, their ancestral homeland, though the settlement of Genji exists in the Southern Vashnars. Atavian origins are a shrouded in mystery, but are generally understood to be an offshoot of the human race. Their most obvious differential trait is the feathered wings gifted to them by Vastar which allow them to fly like eagles.

Aside from their wings, atavians look the same as humans. Their wings are typically white, though it is common to see a blue or grey tinge to the feathers. Other hues such as red, gold, and brown are unusual but do occur naturally. Their skin is pale and tans easily, though dark-skinned atavians are very rare. Hair and eye colour conforms to the typical human spectrum, as does their physique - that is, they may be found in all shapes and sizes.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 11 13 12 12
Exemplar 13 13 12 11
Agitator 11 15 11 12
Sentry 11 12 14 12
Summoner 10 13 12 14

Racial Skills

The Winged have:

  • The ability to FLY.
  • The ability to HOVER off of the ground, an inborn levitation defence.