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The plane of Celestia is known to some as the Angel Plane or, in the times of Seleucar, the Sacred World. Rarely have mortals had the chance to travel there. This home plane of angels is arrayed in "spheres," from Aydin at the lowest to Empyrean at the highest. The unseen rulers of Celestia reside in the Sphere of Empyrean.

To many, Celestia might be considered the most beautiful plane in the multiverse. A soft, diffuse light seems to permeate from everything here, wreathing it in an otherworldly aura. The sky above this plane is ever pink and lavender, caught always in sunset, and fanciful clouds of a similar tint float lazily through the firmament. In the fields of light that stretch throughout this plane there is a gentle ocean of quicksilver, and from it rises a great mountain. Throughout are dotted elegant tree-like structures that are not trees, but made of something more lustrous and pearlescent. Tiny points of light may be seen within their branches, pulsing in slow patterns of blues and greens.

The first mortals to visit Celestia were the Priests of the ancient Church, who used special coronets to anchor their souls to their bodies they left behind on the Prime Material Plane. Though hidden from the Priests' eyes at first, the angels eventually revealed themselves to a Priest named Diale, who gave her coronet to Tamarin, the first guardian angel. From then on, it became customary for the Priest class to establish close bonds with guardian angels.