Elemental Plane of Fire

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Elemental Plane of Fire
Leader Kkractle, the Eternal Fire
Religion Kkractle, the Eternal Fire
Enemies Earth, Water, Air

The Fire Plane is, as its name implies, a universe of the elemental fire. Nestled to the northwest from the heart of the Mannamot Tier of the World Tree, lies the entrance to the Plane. In the year 759AF, with the construction of the new Elemental Embassy, adventurers were given the chance to swear allegiance to one of the elemental factions allowing them to traverse the Elemental Planes. Soot and smoke veil the furious gaze of the plane's colossal sun though the heat is made no less bearable here. All connections of fire elementals as well as the connections that Magi channel are drawn from this plane. It is ruled by Kkractle, the Eternal Fire.

In the year 757 AF, the fire plane went to war with the Elemental Plane of Air, the Elemental Plane of Earth, and the Elemental Plane of Water.

Famous Elementals

Military Arms

  • The Legion of Flame
  • The Fist and Palm
  • The Legion of Coal
  • Aigra


Kkractle's Grasp

Kkractle's Grasp is an immense lava river surging with fiery fury, dividing the Fire Plane's landscape in four. Home to all manner of monstrous creatures of the flames like lava slimes, the Grasp is guarded by the Molten Matriarch, and the very Fingers of Kkractle himself.


Brarra, the mighty volcano is a massive cinder cone which looms ominously to the north of Kkractle's Grasp. Paired with its smaller twin in the south, Brurra, the two are never active at one time, yet when one chooses to erupt, incandescent flames and uncontrollable lava await. In Brarra's shadow, the sages and priests of the Schism await those well-honoured in their military service. The smoky skies above the volcano are streaked by fire-hued ashhawks with hungry eyes.



Opposite Brarra, Brurra, the southern volcano is the northern volcano's smaller twin. No less deadly when active, its roars are heard throughout the entirety of the Fire Plane when roused.

The Ashen Blight

The Ashen Blight is the scorched eastern territory, a barren vista on the banks of the Grasp. The ashlands are broad and hand-shaped, its fingers hosting gateways connecting to other planes. Raging fire elementals and Soldiers of the Flame patrol the plains endlessly, eyes watchful for approach towards, or from, the great portals.


The Legion of Flame: Forward Command Camp

Sprawling past desolate ash land beyond the western banks of Kkractle's Grasp is the Legion of Flame: Forward Command Camp. Acting as an outpost for Kkractle's forces, military discipline reigns supreme, overseen by the Fist of Kkractle and his deputies, the Palm, and the Ear. Access is granted only to those with the proper means - and service as a Soldier begins with Rra'den or Llas'ar.

The camp is organised about an array of tents: pavilions which are hives of activity for the command, the hospital, logistics, recreation, and training. Soldiers of Kkractle patrol the base, alert for intruders from enemy factions.


Flora and Fauna

The Elemental Plane of Fire is utterly devoid of recognisable flora and fauna beneath the charcoal-hued clouds but fireflies, ashhawks, candelas, and ashmanders can be found here and there.