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Righteousness is the realm of Lord Deucalion, the Righteous Fire, and refers the course of action that must be taken in order to safeguard Creation.

The Axioms of Righteousness

The Caefir Conlaodh, Deucalion's mortal followers, adhere strictly to the Axioms of Righteousness.

The First Axiom
Above all else, Creation must be safeguarded.
The Second Axiom
The purity of the Caefir is maintained through unity and vigilance. Any infection will be purged in the fire of sacrifice.
The Third Axiom
Just as the burning fire consumes itself even as it destroys its fuel, so are the Caefir willing to be consumed in the course of their task.
The Fourth Axiom
Only when all impurities are purged from Creation will paradise be made manifest and the Caefir's work complete. No price is too high to pay to bring this to fruition.
The Fifth Axiom
If a law prevents you from your task, rewrite it. If a moral gives you pause, expunge it. If a man stands in your way, cut him down. Any obstacle that impedes you is your foe, and the foe of all Creation.