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Butterflies are a common sight around Sapience and have a range of different uses to the mortals of the land. They are found in a variety of locations across the continent.

Catching Butterflies

There are 6 butterflies that may be caught using a butterfly net and will be accepted by Vellis and Aine for a gold reward, provided they are still alive. They are:

Type Value Description Location
Red admiral butterfly 10gp Black, with red wings. Most common in Sapience. Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah, Aerinewild
White pearl butterfly 15gp A pure white butterfly Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah, Aerinewild
Indigo nightfire butterfly 25gp An azure specimen with a shimmering light Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah
Glitterlight butterfly 40gp Light reflects off this beautiful butterfly's wings, hence its name. Legend says it transforms with each sunrise. Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah, Aerinewild
Golden emperor butterfly 60gp A regal butterfly as brilliant as the sun Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah, Aerinewild
Summerstorm butterfly 80gp Colours resemble the sky before a storm during summer. This is the most difficult to catch of all butterflies. Minia, Eleusis, Pash Valley, Savannah, Aerinewild

Other Types

Other butterflies are neither catchable by adventurers nor accepted by Vellis and Aine, dead or alive. Some of these include literal creatures while others are class-related abilities that include the word "butterfly".

Type Description Location
Morning cloak butterfly Coloured like the dawn, brilliant gold, fiery reds, and orange decorate this inspirational butterfly's wings. Aalen Forest
Funereal duskywing butterfly This butterfly's name alone hints at the sombre tones of its wings. Hues of black, brown, and grey seem to melt into each other, and the bright colours of the specimen's surroundings seem to fade as it flits silently through the trees. Aalen Forest
Gossamer butterfly One of the largest butterfly specimens known to Achaeans, the gossamer is roughly the size of a fully grown owl. Prismatic beams of light reflect off its wings. This forestal butterfly must be summoned by a sentinel-classed adventurer in a forest and is often found following the person to whom it is loyal.
Crystal butterfly A beautiful specimen of butterfly loyal to Lord Scarlatti. This specimen flits around on iridescent crystalline wings; the colours swirl and melt into pale blues and pinks. Temple of Scarlatti
Blue liberty butterfly This rare butterfly wings about the waters of the Atrousian Jungle on Meropis. River Mnemosyne
Harlequin butterfly Sparkling with gemstone-hued wings, harlequin butterflies brighten any location as they flit about the fragrant buddleia bushes of Loramere. Loramere
Translucent butterfly Fluttering about on transparent, white-limned wings, translucent butterflies trace fiery glisters about the circles of Nur. Nur
Nairat rune This butterfly rune, an ability in the skill of runelore, beguiles and transfixes enemies. It is often located on the ground in areas where the enemies of the sketcher's enemies may be travelling.
Butterfly bomb This is an ability in the skill of pranks, available to jester-classed adventurers. These are often located in the hands of mischevious jesters who plan to prank a victim.


The Grotto of the Butterfly is a mystical place in which thousands upon thousands of butterflies reside. Its location is unknown to all but the most dedicated explorers of Achaea. However, it is known that as a child, the butterfly collector Vellis stumbled across this place, and it is then that his love of butterflies began.

The Green Lady Demeter was also known to be quite fond of butterflies. She created The Land of Butterflies in Her temple within the Aerinewild as a sanctuary for these beloved creatures.

During the time of the spiritual landmarks, adventurers caught morning cloak butterflies and duskywing butterflies to turn the Garden landmark to positive or negative aspects, respectively.