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Leader Tilmo, mayor of Loramere

The town of Loramere is an idyllic city on the plane of Veior. Deep beyond the branches of Veior, Loramere sits behind high walls and heavy gates, a settlement built around a thriving market square that beats like a living heart. No two residents of Loramere are alike, and while their clashing personalities might in other places come to blows, this melting pot of culture joins all under the twin banners of freedom and merchantry, with little care beyond their gods of coin and competition. The mayor can often be found holding audience in the town hall, and the World-Tree renowned "Weaver's Arms" is said to never close its doors to thirsty patrons. Yet below this shallow exterior lurks a deeper, more sombre culture; amidst the caterwauling charms of the town crier and the drunken ravings of an ancient cleric, deep reverence for the divine can be found if one knows how, and where, and when, to look.



Loramere was discovered by Achaean adventurers in 758 AF, when interplanar pathways through Yggdrasil became open after the escape of Pazuzu from the Prime Material Plane.



Loramere residents presumably socialise at the bars in the two local inns: the Fresh Flask Inn and the Weaver's Arms, the first of which being notably more refined in environs and patronage than the latter. Its signage and statuary indicate peace is an important ideal in the walled city but gossip and social pressures lie ever beneath the sanguine facade.

Flora and Fauna

Jewel-toned harlequin butterflies flit about the buddleia bushes lining the cobbled roads, drawn by the floral fragrance. In the well-kept part of town, shops and homes display their horticultural magnificence in every window box, displaying varieties like ghost bat flowers while the poor sections are overgrown with invasive species such as smartweed vines. Wildflowers can be found on the outskirts as well, Traveller's Lights sticking up under the misty forestal eaves which surround the city.