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This page is about the former devo-necromantic sites. For other uses, please see Landmarks (disambiguation).

The spiritual landmarks of Achaea formerly adorned nine, and later eight, very special spots in the lands. Appearing 266 AF, originally their alignment, whether Good or Evil, could be changed at any time and a continuous battle for either side raged at each. In 284 AF the energies of the Landmarks quieted, being only changeable six months out of a year, and after 298 AF they were only able to be tuned one way or the other during the month of Sarapin. Only during this time, known as Ethian's Crossing, completing the quests associated with the landmarks could result in their alignment shifting towards Good or Evil. After a certain threshold, the alignment would change. Depending on the number of landmarks in the Good or Evil alignment following Ethian's Crossing, for the remainder of the year Necromancers and Devotion users would receive a differing rate of life essence and devotion regeneration, respectively.

The landmarks were destroyed or rendered inactive during the Reflection Incident in 342 AF and later completely dissolved during the creation of Lady Makali in what became known as the Birth of Destruction.

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