Temple of Scarlatti

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The Temple of Scarlatti is located in the northwest corner of Caer Witrin, and much of it is open to the public. In structure it resembles an enormous man-made cavern; the temple's first few rooms tend towards iciness and darkness.

Upon reaching a central open chamber, the visitor can then climb up a massive stone wall, using the hand-carved footholds. A series of seven holy rooms, each with a large hole in the ceiling and floor for the climber to pass through, rise higher and higher in the cavern. They are, respectively, dedicated to:

  • Power
  • Desire
  • Balance
  • Love
  • Expression
  • Intuition
  • Spirit

After passing through this unusual column of shrines, the building opens onto a chamber of hewn quartz, which forms the centre of two octagonal rings of rooms.

Strange butterflies, whose wings seem to be made of thinnest glass, constantly flit and soar around the temple. A nameless paint-splattered kitten also makes its home here.