Elementals are creatures which derive their power from a single element of nature, representing the attributes of that specific element. Elementals hail from the Earth, Fire, Air, and Water elemental planes.

As Class Abilities

Elementals may be summoned by those who possess high enough skill level in the Elementalism skill, which is shared by the Magi and Sylvan classes. There are four known elementals, each representing a different element. They are learned in the corresponding order:

1. Water - the water weird, which allows the person it is following to walk on water.
2. Earth - the sandling, which sequesters the caster underground as protection.
3. Air - the aerial, which carries the caster into the sky and grants the ability to fly.
4. Fire - the efreeti, which attacks the caster's enemies, setting them on fire.

Of the elementals, the water weird and the efreeti are denizens, while the sandling and the aerial are not. There is no elemental for the Spirit element utilised by members of the Priest class.

As Talismans

During the Elemental War adventurers were able to obtain miniature Air Elementals as talisman minipets.


(1) The cyclone for an Air Elemental, level 1
(1) The essence for an Air Elemental, level 1
(1) The binding for an Air Elemental, level 1
(1) The lightning for an Air Elemental, level 1

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