Elemental Plane of Air

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Elemental Plane of Air
Leader Whiirh, the Western Wind
Religion Whiirh, the Western Wind
Enemies Earth, Water, Fire

The Air Plane is, as its name implies, a universe of the elemental air. Nestled to the northeast from the heart of the Mannamot Tier of the World Tree, lies the entrance to the Plane. In the year 759AF, with the construction of the new Elemental Embassy, adventurers were given the chance to swear allegiance to one of the elemental factions allowing them to traverse the Elemental Planes. A giant sun and moon illuminate its vast firmament, refracted through stratous vapour and billowing cloud. All connections of air elementals as well as the connections, Magi, and Sylvan have are drawn from this plane. It is currently ruled over by Whiirh, the Western Wind.

In the year 757 AF, the air plane went to war with the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Elemental Plane of Earth, and the Elemental Plane of Water.

Famous Elementals

Military Arms

  • Phalanxes of Galetroops
  • Cyclonic squallguards
  • The Coterie of Air
  • Squadrons of Windriders
  • The Stormguard
  • Rovalamm

The Coterie of Clouds

The Coterie of Clouds is a study in bureaucracy. From its central spire to the commissioned departments, each member in its society is expected to perform a role and keep its duties. Currents of paperwork surge between the cloudform offices which oversee the aerial nation, heralding tasks and quests which adventurers may pursue to earn their way into the upper echelons of the coterie.

Foreign affairs department

The foreign affairs department is the spired center of diplomacy. Its negotiation halls are the centre of peaceful relations with other planes.

Department of Education

The department of education has teaching the masses as its prime responsibility.

Department of Trade

Its stockyards clustered with carts and orders to fulfill, the management of the resources of the Coterie is the duty of the department of trade.

Department of War

Studying elemental struggle upon the field, strategy and tactics are the main concern of this department.

Department of Security

The onus of safety and maintenance of the guard falls upon the shoulders of security.