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The Mistral is a powerful air elemental from the Elemental Plane of Air. After being summoned by the Aldar Dekalb, it hid on the continent of Meropis, affecting the various storms and wind there. Mistral has been described as a play spirit, taking pleasure in using its power to manipulate others into the sky.

The Mistral was first noticed by adventurers when visions of a elephant on Daoric Plains was flung in the sky then allowed to plummet back towards the ground with gales of laughter. The Mistral then decided to continue the practice on the various denizens of Meropis high in the sky.

In the year 759AF, after Maklak destroyed the Elemental Embassy. The city of Ashtan strove and gather a mass of cores for the Air ambassador from the fallen elementals battling on the Dardanic Grasslands. In recognition of there work and good will the Air ambassador made an accord. It was then that Mistral was attacked by Jeramun of which the flames tried to consume all the air from the playful spirit, till Vastar's return. Vastar then rescued the spirit and sent it back to its home in Meropis binding it to the God of the Sky.