Elemental Plane of Earth

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Elemental Plane of Earth
Leader Garash, the Immovable Mountain
Religion Garash, the Immovable Mountain
Enemies Fire, Water, Air

The Earth Plane is, as its name implies, a universe of the elemental earth. Nestled to the southwest from the heart of the Mannamot Tier of the World Tree, lies the entrance to the Plane. In the year 759AF, with the construction of the new Elemental Embassy, adventurers were given the chance to swear allegiance to one of the elemental factions allowing them to traverse the Elemental Planes. It is ruled over by Garash, the Immovable Mountain. Two suns sit stolidly in its rust-coloured skies, called affectionately the Mother and Father by the inhabitants of the plane. All connections of earth elementals as well as the connections, Magi, and Sylvan have are drawn from this plane.

In the year 757 AF, the earth plane went to war with the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Elemental Plane of Air, and the Elemental Plane of Water.

Famous Elementals

Military Arms


Garash's Grief

Garash's Grief is a vast desert upon the plane, heat-touched and in close proximity to the plane of fire. It is home to the Sidackhe, Bedurth, and Amaryk tribes, as well as a delegation of tash'la. Earth, stone, mud, and dust elementals roam the sweltering dunes as well as aggressive mirefiends and feral humans.


  • Dressel, Chieftain of the Bedurth
  • Udohm, Champion of the Bedurth
  • Kalfila, Chieftess of the Sidackhe
  • Chene, Prophet of the Sidackhe
  • Ellol, a wizened crone
  • Lauch, Chief of the Amaryk
  • Laerch, Priest of the Amaryk

The Vault

Concealed in tunnels beneath the Grief, the Vault of the Earth plane is ruled over by the Cacharann, the chief of all tribes and none. The elemental titan Dolodach guards its entrance fiercely, for within rests the most precious treasure of all, and the hope of the very future itself. It is home to families of elementals, an earthen civilisation beneath the crust. Children dash to and fro beneath the watchful eyes of elder and Vault guardians. The meandering tunnels connect various chambers and passages including a smithy, birthing halls, kitchens, and living quarters.


Flora and Fauna

Precious little plant-life survives in the desolate wasteland which stretches across the plane, confined to dirty scrubby grasses and sparse, bare-limbed bush, though rumour of a legendary hidden oasis haunts the sands. Scorpents, dustmanders, jackals, and grey camels eke out small subsistence amongst raging stone giants of the aureate desert.