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Bataoac, The Northern Giant is a powerful earth elemental from the Elemental Plane of Earth. After being summoned by the Aldar Dekalb, he was hidden deep within the northern mountains. Bataoac was discovered to be the tallest elemental, with its height eclipsing most mountains. Adventurers could be found climbing up his body in order to glance at his face.

Heralding from the far north the Shastaan merchant, Seril shouted for help in searching of the earth elemental and had the theory that the earth elemental was in a digsite. Adventurers came around to help dig for the elemental west of the Istar Jungle of which they found the earth elemental.

In the year 759AF, after Maklak destroyed the Elemental Embassy the elemental conduits strove to battle on the Dardanic Grasslands. In an effort to restore them, the city of Targossas gathered the cores for the Elemental Ambassador of Earth. In recognition of their work the ambassador called forth two young ones to help restore Bataoac's connection with the Elemental Plane. It was then that Serai and Kriex were given a geode from the Earth Plane and then traversed to sit upon Bataoac's shoulder. Withdrawing the crystal from the geode Kriex fused with the crystal allowing the elemental connection to be restored and spurring Bataoac to return to the tundra.