Sorceress of the Seas

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The Sorceress of the Seas is a powerful water elemental from the Elemental Plane of Water. After being summoned by the Aldar Dekalb, she disappeared to the sea for untold years.

In an unknown year, she sank the Margam, captained by the Captain Horald.

Sapients were urged to awaken the watery counterpart to Jeramun in 755 AF after his rampaging threatened Achaea, though were advised that she would respond only to the sound of gold. After much searching, the adventurer Krypton discovered the gold-enamelled Horn of the Tides within the village of Ka'doloki. Sounding three blasts, he summoned the Sorceress of the Sea from the depths, bringing a tidal wave with her.

In 759 AF Mhaldor sought to bring the Sorceress of the Seas under the power of Sartan by corrupting an elemental amphora and infusing it with the elemental cores. They succeeded for the briefest instance, but with a thunderous roar of outrage, the emissary Asahana descended to the gates of Mhaldor and shattered the amphora. Using the power of the Great Ocean, she restored the Sorceress' connection to the Elemental Plane of Water and restored the oceans cursed by Pazuzu. Remnants of Baelgrim's treachery remains in the blood-stained water surrounding Mhaldor Isle.