Gunder's Fine Fish

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Gunder's Fine Fish can be found on Bridge Street in Jaru. Its shopkeeper, Gunder, is a retired sailor.


Charbroiled salmon steak - 125gp
Generously cut and broiled over an open flame, this thick salmon steak has been cooked to perfection. A dollop of butter and some lemon juice has been added late in the broiling process, to allow their flavours to mix with the salmon, creating a perfect melody to the palate.
Hot crabcake - 30gp
Hot and buttery, this crabcake has been heavily breaded to make it less likely to fall apart while eating it.
Coconut-covered prawn - 45 gp
This tasty relative of the shrimp is nearly as large as your fist. It has been encrusted with shavings of coconut and deep fried to a golden brown.
Bread-bowl of escabeche - 75gp
Escabeche is a favourite local recipe that consists of chunks of white fish and avocado, grilled in olive oil and chilled. A sauce is then prepared that contains both lemon and lime juices, and mixed with the fish before serving, adding a tangy flavour. The mixture is served in a hollowed bread that serves as a bowl.
Large, filled black olive - 15gp
This large olive has been carefully pitted and washed, leaving its black skin glistening. The hollow where the pit once resided has been filled with a cream cheese and small red fish eggs, a treasured delicacy by the rich of Shallam.