Pachacacha River

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The Pachacacha River almost completely bisects the midlands of Sapience, flowing from its source in the Vashnar mountain range out to the Lemnian Sea. The river winds its way generally east and southeast through the continent, being joined by the smaller (though still significant) Urubamba River, and passing through the Savannah, the Mannaseh Swamp, and the Pash Valley, before emptying into the Peshwar Delta and the sea.

Historically, the river's proximity to both Shallam and Jaru gave it great strategic value. The navy of Ashtan attempted to sail downriver to Shallam during the Ashtan-Shallam Wars, only to be repelled by the Shallamese, who had been warned of the attack and had sunk ships in the mouth of the river to stop other ships from travelling up it. More modern conflicts with the city of Mhaldor saw the river dammed temporarily by Mhaldorian forces, flooding nearby Jaru as a result.

After the destruction of Shallam, Jaru became the only remaining settlement on the Pachacacha River until the resettlement of Targossas on its ruin.