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The Port of Mysia
Leader Captain Kelley, Mayor of Mysia
Enemies The Divine Order of Neraeos
Exports tabac, ceramics


The Port of Mysia is a tiny island that had escaped notice from most adventurers until recently. Settled many years ago, the barely inhabited island was used as a stopping point for rogues, pirates, and sailors to lie low after successful pillaging runs. In recent times, the former Mayor of Mysia, Lian, refurbished the isle, building the Dancing Dryad Tavern and a few shacks for the island's year-round inhabitants. Now run by Kelley, Lian's daughter, most of the locals have started welcoming "landlubbers" into port, offering many services for the right amount of gold.


Mysia is nestled off the southern coast of Ulangi. Once a flourishing tropical paradise of towering trees, palms, and sandy beaches, the foliage has been mostly cleared away in favour of a ramshackle town. Built upon a small bluff in the centre of the island is a bustling two-story tavern. Towards the southeastern shore a small shrine devoted to Neraeos, the Ocean Lord, overlooks the tranquil waves which carry the scent of fish and salt over the town. Tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of Sapience, the isle of Mysia is a slice of paradise moving at its own pace.



Those who make Mysia home are the wandering sort, and each has their own story. The love of the ocean thrives within them all, just as each denizen knows the curative properties of a nice mug of rum. Needing very little in life in terms of physical property, those who live and play in Mysia gamble their money at the Blackjack and Roulette tables, or find a night of companionship in the arms of the willing females that ply their wares from the dock to the tavern. Though carefree, a dark plot brews below the surface of Mysia, and threatens to suck unsuspecting adventurers into it.


Many alcoholic drinks can be found at Favian's bar, and Steele, the Mysian chef shows his surprising aptitude for culinary cuisine in the delicious food served at the Dancing Dryad tavern.


  1. Dancing Dryad Tavern - Downstairs has gambling, kitchen, bar, Kelley's office; Upstairs has prostitutes
  2. Jungle
  3. Castalian Cove
  4. Mysian Dock
  5. Shrine to Neraeos
  6. Make-shift shrine to Caspian