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The Fonts are city relics which were first crafted during the War of the Divine Child. The artefact known as the Eye of Proteus was first used by Sartan to create the Fissure within Mhaldor to secretly drain the energy of and sicken the Darkenwood whilst sending false visions to Twilight and Demeter in 325 AF. The Eye was eventually stolen back by Valnurana and given to Eris, the theft marking a turning point in the war. Through the powers of the Eye, the city patrons were able to intermingle their power and craft the different relics. Originally they birthed both a Guardian for their respective city and a race of creatures that were released into the wilds of Sapience. After the destruction of Eye of Proteus and the Third Black Wave the cities of Mhaldor, Ashtan, and Cyrene had their fonts destroyed and new avenues were needed to create city-relics. If a guardian should fall, their connected relic will drain of power and must be refilled through the essence of the creatures spawned from the other relics.

City relics serve several functions. In the past, with the advent of Icons the city relics became a means for Houses to summon icon alchemists for icon combat. During this time the Gods also crafted a new font for cityless Houses such as the Jesters. Currently, city-states may tap into the power of their respective font defensively, increasing damage enemy soldiers take during a sanctioned raids on their cities.