Icon Alchemists

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Icon Alchemists are used to attack rival Icons on the plane of Nishnatoba. They can only be gained by individuals whose House is in possession of an Icon. By completing leadership challenges to gain the necessary points, these individuals go to one of the six respective city Fonts to summon them forth:

An additional Font can be found in the Savannah: the Argent Fount. This Font serves the Houses that are cityless.

You may only possess up to four loyal alchemists at one time. Upon ordering them to attack a rival Great Icon, they will begin working on dissolving its matter and in the process shake loose iconic shards from its structure, which may be collected for strengthening. Although alchemists will work independently if you order them to do so, they will be easily killed if you are not present to defend them. Alchemists cannot be ordered to attack other adventurers.

Twenty-four days after they are summoned, alchemists will return to from whence they came. The process must be completed once more to summon them forth again.