Weave of Conflict

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The Weave of Conflict is the city-relic bestowed upon Ashtan by the God of War, Aegis in the year 805AF. It replaced the destroyed Well of Chaos.

Standing in an ashen field, its three massive marble pillars rise to a height of thirty feet, arranged in a simple triangular formation. At the tip of each column, several spike-like protrusions extend outwards in upward curves, transforming what might have been an elegant sculpture into something much more unnerving. A strange fabric loops from and to each barb in turn, creating a complex pattern akin to a children's game of cat's cradle or a spider's web. Completely taut, the many twists and turns create a thick mesh that could easily hold - or trap - a human. The lattice pulsates eerily with a cacophony of colours that dazzles the eye, rendering the labyrinthine meshwork all the more disorienting. .