Daybreak's Mirror

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The city-relic of Shallam, Daybreak's Mirror summoned the kirin to protect the Jewel of the East during the War of the Divine Child. It also created the diminutive fairies that reside in the Aalen.

Created by the Gods Pentharian and Valnurana with the Eye of Proteus, this expansive, circular mirror once lay within the gardens of the Shallamese royal palace, its reflective surface facing skyward. Its outer surface was encircled by a band of mithril, the gleaming of which sometimes obscured the intricate design of stars and clouds intertwined about it. Untouched by this surrounding white and grey light, the Mirror's half-silver, central circle was actually what exhibited any reflective qualities. It seemed to flicker, rippling like a pool of water that had been disturbed, and the distorted images that appear on it were simultaneously eerie and riveting.

When the Citadel of Light arose in the 6th century the Te'Serra Alliance moved the relic in the terraces of the former grounds of the Chrysalis Basilica. It disappeared in the ormyrr invasion of Shallam in the 7th century, presumably destroyed.