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Miyada, a retired Stormshaper, lived within the Ashura monastery, and served as the house merchant.

Miyada's Wares

a sangria-hued scabbard
Made of the finest leather and treated to an impressive rigidness, this scabbard is fit for both ceremony and battle. Dyed a deep sangria and finished with a clear polish, the surface leather gives off a brilliant sheen, but the true master craftsmanship is exemplified in the fine dyeing and tooling work of this piece of combat attire. Embossed upon the scabbard and finished in gold, a dragon and tiger are situated at the hilt and point ends respectively. The dragon is captured in a vigilant gaze forward, each scale carefully shaved out of the fine leather. The tiger, depicted in a fearsome growl, poses with fearsome claws extended forward, fine carved lines depicting the animal's fur. In stark contrast, painstakingly engraved into the center of the scabbard and settled between the two fierce beasts, is the shape of a noble raven. It wings outstretched in a display of defiance, no detail is seen upon the avian's ebon-dyed form giving it a shadowed and ethereal appearance. The scabbard is finished with double stitching around the edges, the deep black thread barely visible against the dark sangria leather. A thick, sturdy leather belt of the same deep hue supports this sheath about the wearer's waist.
a reinforced journal of the Ashura
Well-tooled to ensure durability, this journal has been carefully constructed to stand the test of time. Binding the tome together, fine, supple leather in shades of crimson and red are reinforced with thick straps, the scarlet hues reminiscent of freshly spilled blood. The pages within are of a creamy vellum, their fine-grained texture marking this as a product of high quality. Embossed on the front cover in silver are two ferocious tigers, locked in battle, their teeth bared and fearsome claws clashing. Signifying Mastery of the Body, the tigers represent one of the totem animals of the Ashura. Inscribed on the bottom of the cover in silver scripture are the words 'Unity through Respect, Competence through Diligence'.