Caspian (Elder God)

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Caspian, the Ocean Lord
Realm the oceans
Symbols the Roaring Wave
Relatives Neraeos (son)

Kastalia (granddaughter)

Allies see Relatives
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples Temple of Caspian in the Eastern Wilderness near the Eastern Ocean
This article is about the former God of the Seas. For other uses, please see Caspian (disambiguation).

One of the original Elder Gods, Caspian, the Ocean Lord, was a fickle Deity with a quicksilver temper. Oftentimes He would appear aloof and rather snobbish, but other times He was blithe, silly, loud, and often involved Himself in the everyday affairs of mortals. Some older adventurers remember fondly His jokes with "The Lever" and His Sartan sock puppet.

There is no recorded history of Caspian's participation in the War of Humanity, and His involvement in the Chaos Wars was minimal. Fighting in the depths of the oceans of the worlds of Creation, Caspian calmed the excessive storms that Chaos had caused and forced the tides back to their natural patterns but never fully manifested in the war against Entropy and Discord. Caspian's warring capacities fully materialised late in the third century as the head Deity of the Divine Alliance, leading the forces of the Gods against Sartan, God of Evil, in an epic struggle that eventually led to Sartan's trapped imprisonment beneath what became Mhaldor Isle.

Much speculation surrounds the events that led up to Caspian's demise, although the Order of Neraeos, the Merfolk, and the Tritonic people have their explanations. Having been found in an inanimate state and incapacitated upon His throne, Caspian sat unmoving in His trance-like condition and all attempts to revive the God proved futile. Just out of reach was the Trident of the Seas, mockingly situated in front of Caspian's lifeless gaze. Adventurers camped a long and lonely vigil about the Elder God until His immortal son, Neraeos, arose from the depths of the Sea and grabbed the Trident to give it to His father. Upon touching the Trident, the symbol of the Logos flew over Father and Son, and the rulership of the Ocean World was thus passed to the Demigod Neraeos, now the true God of the Sea.

The Triton warrior Idomenaeos, Tempest of Neraeos Flyakas, protects the will of the sea from the late God Caspian's temple in the Eastern Wilderness.

Proteus created the Gauntlet of the Roaring Wave for Lord Caspian in ancient times.