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Her short, brown fur splattered with paint, Moselle, the Ty Beirdd humgii, spends her free time gnawing on a journal in the library of the Ty Beirdd House estate. The pockets of her Lyricist's vest are stuffed with fortune cookies and glasses of absinthe instead of writing materials. Like other humgii, she will eat anything that is given to her, especially written works authored by House novices.

Moselle was discovered at Centre Crossing in Cyrene, where she wobbled about splattering everything with paint. Upon hearing of a homeless humgii with an interest in the arts, members of Ty Beirdd offered her a home in their House estate. After being given a tour by a group of house members led by the adventurer Madelyne, Moselle chose to live in the library, where she remains to this day, placidly waiting to be fed.