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A rajamala Blademaster prepares to face their foes.

The Rajamala are a race of proud, fierce, tiger-like humanoids from a distant planet. The first that history speaks of the rajamala is when they served as troops used by the God Agatheis to subjugate the Nevaharr in His preparations for the rebellion of the Triumvirate during the War of Humanity and the great battle on Nishnatoba. In 242 AF, with the conclusion of the Death's Heart Saga, mortals were granted the ability to reincarnate into this mighty feline race.

Their origins are not known. They mingle easily with the other races and seldom form communities of their own, though one village in the valley of Xhaiden Dale is comprised mostly of rajamala.

Orange fur with black stripes is the traditional colouring of rajamala, but many have coats that mimic that of other felines: tawny and golden, white, black, silver, and more. They may also be spotted or striped in many combinations. Rajamala stand six feet tall on average, with a sleek or muscular physique that seldom becomes overweight. Their eyes are often amber or yellow and brown, but they can be blue and green and black as well. They are born with tails, and some have manes and whiskers that can be styled like human hair.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 12 13 12 11
Executioner 14 13 12 10
Striker 12 15 11 11
Enforcer 12 12 14 11
Magiker 11 13 12 13

Racial Skills

Those of Feral Spirit have:

  • Can consume the corpses of fallen foes.
  • Additional chance to dodge attacks.
  • Resistant to COLD damage.