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An adventurer of extreme significance, Shakti Devi (19th of Valnuary, 226 AF – ?) accumulated a list of achievements almost unrivalled in Achaea. One of the realm's foremost combatants, politicians, and scholars, she served simultaneously as Demiurge of the Occultists from 293 to 326 AF and Overseer of Ashtan from 302 to 326 AF.

During her tenure, the Occultists experienced the Great Awakening that restored to them the lost arts of Occultism. This event, combined with the hostility of Sartan, did much to shift the focus of the guild away from Evil and back towards their original studies of Chaos.

She dominated the Year 300 games, winning both the egghunt and the quiz, placing second in both the Joke Contest and the Combat Triplets Tournament, and garnering a respectable seventh place in the XP Event, receiving the Staff of Nicator as her reward.

Along with her occultic comrade Silverstorm, Shakti was the first to raise the lost troll city of Kasmarkin, exposing the demon lord Taug to public eye once again.

During the course of the Aetolian Saga, Shakti gained notoriety for seizing the key to a mysterious chest, opening it, and unleashing a massive arrow that immediately destroyed the Chrysalis Basilica in Shallam.