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A quiz is a trivia contest held by a person termed the Grand Inquisitor, usually a god or Celani of some sort, in the Inquisition Chamber within the Garden of the Gods. Notification for the start of a quiz, as with all world games, extends to the furthest reaches of Achaea.

First, the Inquisitor will set the point value for a question. Once the question is asked, a brief timer will begin counting down. It is during this countdown that you may submit your answer. After the timer runs out, the Inquisitor will declare which answers, if any, are correct, and mete out points accordingly. No points will be lost for blank or incorrect answers.

Quizzes are traditionally held at the semicentennial celebrations of the fall of Seleucar, such as the Year 300 and Year 400 events.

JOIN QUIZ Sends you to the Inquisition Chamber.
AN/ANSWER <answer> Gives an answer to a question.
WHATQ/WHATQUESTION See what the current question is.
ANSWERS See a list of the answers that people have given.
QUIZSTATUS See a list of competitors and their scores.